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Room 401

The inspiration for my art comes from my experiences recorded on photographs and in my writing. Room 401 is one experience that captivated me.

Room 401

The inspiration for this painting came to me while sitting quietly on the couch in Room 401.

Here is how the painting transpired.

Mirrors fascinate me. I believe they hold the spirits of those who have appeared before them. While taking photographs of room 401, I came up with a plan to photograph a man leaving the room through a doorway. A woman would be reading in a chair unaware of his spirit in the room. The man may have been caught during an affair with a married lover. His spirit is all that is left from that assignation.

The mirror has captured the spirit man.

Using simple superimposition tools on my iPad, I merged the black and white image into a color photo of the room. I simply painted in a woman sitting in the chair to make the painting.

I merged a picture of an Angel onto the television screen and created this photo art in conjunction with the painting. Now I have several original works of art from the same material.

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