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The Search for the rare force Unobtianum


A white paper

I have discovered the rare force “Unobtainum.” My white paper documenting the existence of Unobtainum, will be made available to the lay public at the Fourth Annual Meeting of the International Royal Astronomic, Physical and Rare Force Symposium to be held on March 16th, 2013, at Motel Eight, conference room B, just off exit 2, US Route 84, Brewster, New York.

This is the beginning paragraph from the First chapter of the Angelchroniclestories. The project started innocently enough. I wanted a short story to go with my collection of short stories. I was writing for the fun of it. I showed “Unobtainum” around and found readers enjoyed it. The readers are also my friends; what would I expect other than good reviews? However, the responses seemed genuine. I knew I was on to something.

Words went onto the pages in a hurry. The idea of a monthly sequel formed in my mind. This chapter is the beginning of the monthly series now in the process of being formatted for a book.

The undertaking started the WordPress part of the website

Angel appears in my short stories. Angel is a powerful force who the Universe assigned as the guardian to the main character, The Chosen One. She guides him in his quest to move the Mind to a more hospitable location in another universe.

Everyone knows what Unobtainum is. Everyone that is, but the Governments who think it is a secret weapon. They pursue Angel and TCO to gain control of Unobtainum.

I will discuss more about creating the other chapters later. The creations spontaneously arrive in my mind. The key is to unlock my subconscious and to listen to my primitive mind via my intuition.

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