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Writing the Angelchroniclestories

Angelchroniclestories is an accident, well more or less. You see nothing in my life has been an accident. It is all part of the Grand Plan the Universe has for me. I believe I arrived here in this place for a reason. More exactly, my Soul arrived at this place for a reason, at this place in this part of the Universe, at this particular time.

So, if I am here for a reason, well, what is that reason?

I am here to explain to others what Love means, how Love moves humanity forward, how to find Love in our lives, how to place Love in the lives of others.

I do that through Writing and Art. Creating Art is the Gift I was given as compensation for the Grace I received from the Universe.

Ah! Grace you say, Grace, comes with no obligation, no obligation to pay anything back.

Well, maybe not. My life goes better when my Heart is filled with Gratitude and Love. I explain that to other through my Writing and my Photographs, Drawings, Painting and Sculpture.

Art takes time. At my age seventy-four, I am concerned I won't have enough time to get much done. Writing is the number one priority in my daily life. I endeavor to produce five hundred readable words a day, day in and day out. Some of those words never make it into public view, the great bulk of them do. The words appear in the Angelchronicle-stories, on five Facebook pages, Twitter and here. I send e-mails and TXT to my friends, and the page after page of notes I make, some of which find there way into the stories.

An Angel came along with the Grace the Universe gave to me, It doesn't matter why, it just is. Angel supplies my inspiration and intuition. Better not to overthink that, better it should be.

Angel finds her way into everything I write, and into my other art. Angel is my direct connection to the knowledge of the Universe.

I have always been a writer. For the longest time I didn't want to acknowledge that. I couldn't believe it could be true. Me a writer, you have to be kidding. Then I found out a simple fact. The act of writing makes you a writer.

For those of us who write regularly without the expectation of being published, our writing becomes a natural extension of our thoughts. Our writing explains our lives to us.

During that process an accident happened. I stumbled on a way that that others are able to see my Writing and Art. Initially I found an outlet in writing non-fictional accounts of aviation related activities. Small periodicals were willing to pay. That was the encouragement I needed to keep writing. That was thirty-five years ago. I have been at this for a long time.

In future blogs I will expand upon my writing process, in the meantime, here is five hundred words. Time to quit for the day, hardly.

Some of the words are capitalized, they are the words that represent specific concepts for me.

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