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Writers and Alcohol

Why do writers drink? Olivia Lang is a great author, excellent researcher, a good story teller.

Ernst Hemingway once said something to the effect of “Write drunk, edit sober.” I wonder why writers drink, if so, how big a problem is it?

A recent statistic I found, suggests thirty percent of all authors are alcoholics, compared with fifteen percent of the general population.

I write early in the morning, not a good time to start drinking. When I finish my daily writing, I want to feel sharp to be able continue with my other responsibilities.

I don’t drink much anymore, which was not always the case. I tried to drown the nightmares and flashbacks from my past with alcohol. Not a successful plan.

I found I was not able to write well if I was drinking, I want the sharpness that come with being alert and in the moment. I am concerned with becoming addicted and needing a crutch to ease the pain of my past.

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