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Back Roads and Abandoned Buildings

Many of the scenes in my stories originate from the images stored in my mind by my photography, drawings, paintings, and images I see on 500px and Pinterest.

I call most of these images, Found Objects. I store them in various files that I am not often successful in recovering. The act of not easily finding them creates a longing and propels me to find substitutes.

The result of looking for a substitute, was the creation of the Prologue for the Chronicle series “The Search for the Rare Force Unobtainum.”

I am in the process of creating “Secrets.” A story about trafficking and finding missing children. In Secrets there is a reference to finding the body of a missing woman in an abandoned barn. That imagery haunts me because of my feelings of abandonment as a child.

There is no end to the graphic description of violence and sexual exploitation in novels, and on the screen. I do not wish to lower my standards of what is an acceptable description of violence and sex to sell my art. I prefer to let the reader arrive at their own interpretation of violence and sex in accordance with their life experiences.

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