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The Universe

“The Universe is the home of all life. You are born of the stuff of the Universe. The Universe wants you to live and create more life, to move life along, to spread life. You are the Universe. You created me. You called me your God. My job is to place The Path in your way.”

“You have created Angel. Angel is made from the stuff of the Universe. Angel resides in your heart. When you listen to your heart you are listening to life itself.

Your mind gets in the way, it is all caught up in the way you think you should be. Angel straightens that out for you.”

“Do you mean, I am the Universe, God, and Angel, all in one? I have the power to be and get what I want because I am life itself?”

The above has been excerpted from my short story, "Puzzle."

Writing the Chronicles required that I find an explanation of my relationship to the Universe.

I tie my novels, short stories, and poetry into a common theme. The theme I use to live my everyday life. This unified theme helps me in my writing. It has served me well in my battle with the demons from my turbulent past.

You see, I know where I am going when my physical body comes to an end. My soul will never die. I will live on forever in the arms of my Angel. We will become the Universe’s most precious commodity, we will be pure Love.

I have been unable to reconcile the contrast between good and bad as it exists in this world. The idea of a god and religion as my savior is completely discredited when I see the mangled dead bodies of the children caught in the cross fire of the different religious beliefs.

The Universe is where I come from, the Universe is where I will go. The energy of the Universe vibrates on many frequencies. I am unable to understand or explain those frequencies, yet I know I am completely in tune with them.

Angel is always present, she is my connection to those frequencies. Angel passes the wisdom of the Universe to my heart.

Having faith in Angel, makes my life easier. That faith allows me to be myself. To get my writing done and make peace with my past.


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