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Agency for Compassion and Security

"I’m bringing this meeting to order. Will someone please tell me what the hell is going on!”

“Madame Chairperson, the recent outbreaks of confrontation are caused by the Dissidents.”

“Who are these Dissidents, what do we know about them? Why was I not told?”

“Madame Chairperson, you were involved with your reelection campaign, the council didn’t want to distract you. Until now the Dissidents have only been an annoyance.”

“Only an annoyance! The last uprising wiped out The Women's West End police force, you call that `only an annoyance,' I want to know who these men are and I want their forces crushed. Crushed, do you hear me, crushed!”

“Yes, Madame Chairperson, we have another Special Women’s Force searching for them now.”

“How hard can that be, we have the identity of all the men in the Metropolis. Track them, you have that ability. Profile the men and start to interrogate the ones who don’t conform. I want these men now.”

"Yes, Madam Chairperson, except...”

“Except what?”

“The Dissidents aren’t men.”

“Well if they aren’t men, who the hell are they?”


This is a chapter from my story Secrets. The theme of this story is women can be just as greedy, aggressive, violent and uncaring as men. We don't expect that of them, there is where the treachery lies.


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