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Love Letters

No one writes LOVE LETTERS anymore. That’s old fashioned, Passé, not cool. No, now we send TXT, Tweet, or fire off an email from our phones.

This is a great loss. No wonder relationships flounder, not enough care. A relationship is only as strong as the commitment of time and energy that goes into it.

It is easy to get away with a few words or some short lines to the one you supposedly love. Today there are applications that wipe the slate clean after the electronic message has been sent. In that fashion the past can be erased, commitments only last as long as the settings you put into the app.

When your words of endearment are permanently engraved on paper, when you have taken the time to buy the card, print the picture, fill out an envelope and send the LOVE LETTER off, then your words mean something.

We all know many loves will not last forever. Perhaps they will be very brief. A LOVE LETTER will last forever, in this way we can learn if our LOVE was real or a folly.

The recipient of our affections will be able to hold something tangible. When the LOVE of their life is no longer around, temporarily, or permanently, the essence of their soul will be forever existent in the letter itself.


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