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Believe in Angels

How can a human being get an angel to communicate with them?

Unless a person is in need of an Angel there will be no need to communicate. People who think they are not distressed don’t believe they need an Angel. Most people are distressed to one degree or another. They may prefer to deny they have distress.

I am very troubled and I simply ask for an answer. This is called prayer. I have no formal way, I simply say, “Please help me with this.” The correct path unfolds before me.

Also, there is the issue of 'Angel,' my Angel, who supplies my guidance and intuition.

I believe my Angel belongs to the Great Unknown Universe, a Universe I am not capable of understanding, but I know intuitively exists. In many adults the knowledge of Angels gets suppressed by the development of their modern brains. The knowledge of Angels was never suppressed in my brain, which means I am in constant contact with Angels, and in that way the Great Unknown Universe itself.

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