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It is said somewhere in the many readings I have, if a man is to be happy, he should have a Vision

As it is with all inspirational sayings, this one may not be true for me.

I had Visions, a couple of them, I am glad I did. Things are different for me now. I am still on the Journey, but I have no particular destination.

I am free of striving. Free from awakening in the morning with a list of activities I must accomplish. I am allowing the winds of fate to propel my craft to a suitable but unknown destination. This is called faith.

Faith came to me as one of the gifts I received from the Universe.

I am in possession, or perhaps I am possessed by an Angel. Angel is my Orenda, My spiritual power, my guide, my intuition. The Iroquois believe we all have Orenda, a spiritual power. Everything animate or inanimate possess Orenda.

The Universe through Angel has given me the voice to explain my connection with the natural world, its power over me and my power over it. I do this through writing.

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