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A Puzzle

I cannot write or create my little pieces of art

without being aware of her.

The awareness is the power keeping me moving to create.

It is this desire to claim something,

which I will never possess,

that is the heart of my art.

A Puzzle is my third book. It is a compilation of my short stories and poetry completed over the last three years.

The soft back is 194 pages, the stories are divided into sections that relate to each other. With this form you are free to start reading anywhere in the text.

A Puzzle has been designed as an enjoyable piece of entertainment, but with a twist - you may find a lot of yourself reflected in these stories, I hope you do and trust that your most vexing questions, will find much needed answers.

I have double spaced, Part 1 The Universe: As I know It. This will enable you space to make notes about my philosophy of the Universe, how life started, the energy of the Universe, Spirits and Angels, and the power of LOVE.

I explain my understanding of Life-After-Death, where all my thoughts and writings go, and the power of Angels.

Good luck, bon voyage and may all your `personal puzzle pieces` fit together beautifully.

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