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She is a wonderful young woman - we are so much alike in thought and so far apart in age. It just isn’t our time.

My time, your time, what time, time flies, no time, a lot of time, a long time. Every other time saying you can think of is all part of the way human beings perceive living in our natural world.

This perception of time is related to the spinning of the Earth on its axis giving rise to the 24-hour passing of day and night, and the Earth circling the sun every three-hundred and sixty-five days, which makes our calendar year.

Measurement of time in this fashion was primarily so employers could count on a specific number of hours and days devoted to production by workers and employees. The focus was on the hours that would be put to use by workers, and in this way eventually narrowed the time scale down to hours and minutes of production.

The scale of time was longer in agriculturally based economies as time was measured by the number of hours of daylight and the changes to the growing cycle. This longer time frame is more in line to what I see is the direction our human society will be embracing in the not too distant future, once we learn to cooperate on longer plans.

To be effective, plans such as creating less harmful ways of generating energy, will require cooperation and the acceptance of long stretches of time. Plans, such as cleaning up the oceans and not causing harm to the other living creatures, will require cooperation of many others on our planet. Currently these dreams seem very far off. Human beings have yet to grasp the concept that we are all in this together, we share the same systems and have a great deal to gain from what I call ‘grand-scale cooperation.’

For my purposes, there is more to the explanation of time: I believe there is also a different kind of time, which I shall call the Time of the Universe.

The popular explanation of the creation of the Universe dates the beginning of that creation as thirteen billion years ago of our knowledge of ‘time.’

What if the Universe has its own measure of time on a very different scale? Perhaps this is the second creation of the Universe. Perhaps the Universe began, expanded, contracted and fell in on itself and exploded out again. Perhaps the Universe reincarnates as I do. If so, then I would have been by this way many times. Perhaps the thirteen billion years goes by in a blink of an eye on a Universe timescale, just as my life goes by in a blink of an eye on my human timescale.

I believe the Universe is a living thing that lives on an entirely different timescale. It is life in its own way: a way we seldom understand. For example, the Universe is constantly creating suns from the smallest particles that are attracted to each other and eventually accumulate to such a size, the gravitational pull compacts these particles until they start a nuclear process that burns them up, they explode and cast particles into the space to start the process over again.

In the Universe right now, trillions of stars are in some stage of this creation and dissolution, a process which takes billions of years; a long time, but a form of life nevertheless.

I want to believe in that form of life, because I understand my human body will not last forever. Only if I believe my Soul will be living forever, will I be able to make sense of the loss of my human body after such a brief life here on Earth.

It makes little sense for me to believe that the definition of living things is very similar to the way humans and other animals live here in our world. The Earth could go on for another billion years being the home for some kind of living organisms long after human kind and many other animals go extinct.

Essentially - life is ebbing and flowing on many different timescales. I can only know one of them, or can I?

The problem as I see it is many only understand the timescale that relates to their own human lives. Our lives may live and die in relationship to our understanding of the length of an average human life. That average life span now is about 84 years for men and 87 years for women. Those times are lengthening out as humans begin to take better care of themselves, get better nutrition, and develop the skills to defeat disease and aging.

These years are the life span of a human body, but not a life time of a soul. A soul may have an infinite life span. A soul may live longer than our Universe.

My soul has access to the wisdom of the Universe. Some of that wisdom I am in the process of depositing into the Universe as I write these words. Some of the wisdom was deposited into the Universe by others recently or decades or millennia ago. This information is what living things access to keep their lines alive for a long time.

When I consider our Universe has a life of its own, no matter how foreign that life may be to my understanding, I draw the conclusion my soul will circulate through the life of the Universe stopping frequently here in earthly bodies as part of my soul’s journey. My soul may have been here on Earth many times in the past when Earth became hospitable to human life.

Humans are now embarking on a plan to form colonies of human lives on Mars. We are looking for signs that Mars may have, at one time, hosted life. Not a ridiculous idea; merely a significant possibility. We may be able to duplicate the conditions for human life on Mars to the extent of living there in a way closely resembling living here on Earth without resorting to significant restrictions to freedom of movement and human interaction.

This will take a long time as measured using the current timescale of human life. It is a drop-in-the-bucket on the timescale of the Universe. I propose human beings will become used to the idea of this much longer timescale and the new Humans, which we are becoming, will think and plan on this new larger timescale. This will happen as life expectancy of humans increases, and the knowledge of the reason of human existence gets shown to us once we can demonstrate to the Source that we are capable of living in harmony and share a common vision of what human life is about.

We are getting closer to gaining this knowledge once we all understand we are interconnected to a bigger Universe and have the responsibilities of not only ourselves to be concerned with, but the responsibility of being a good conservator of the place we are living now, planet Earth.

Taking care of Earth is an important step in moving on to a distant world. If we can’t take care of living here on Earth, we will not be able to take care of living elsewhere. I believe it is common for human beings to move on to new concepts without spending the time to fully resolve problems with their old possessions, systems, living standards and locations. If we do not fix Earth before relocating, we will only wreck the same havoc on some other planet as we have done here. There is time to fix all this before we find out that the way we did things in the past will only lead to poor results in the future.

It is natural for human beings to blunder ahead, that is how we get new concepts to work, and important positive changes to our lives to transpire. The next evolution of human beings will have to be far more careful to manage the task of change. Genius only goes so far - the Universe will not be tolerant of our shortcomings for very much longer.

To arrive at this new place of understanding the following conditions would have to exist. We would have to stop fighting with each other and develop and share a common vision of a harmonious world, here, or any other place humans will call their own. We are getting closer. I believe the next step is when humanoids evolve into a new human life form, one where each of these new humans automatically knows through their DNA encryption how to get along with each other. If the past is any predictor, this new human is still thousands of years away in its development. The new human will have to live in harmony with the last of the old humans, which is going to be a daunting task.

Time – living anew; she lives.

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