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I come from the Universe

I come from the Universe – therefore I am the Universe and the Universe is me.

For my purposes it is not necessary for me to know much more than that.

It is not particularly important for me to know how the Universe began. Nor is it helpful to speculate why I am here. I do not need to know how old the Universe is, although I must admit I am curious.

I do not need to know about subatomic particles, how fast the speed of light really is, what is likely to happen in another 13.7 billion years from now.

The only math I need to know is how to budget my money, how much the things I want and need cost, and how to count my change so I can buy my senior coffee at McDonalds.

That is simplistic I know, and indeed I do know much more than that about the Universe, the particles and waves that make it up.

I know one thing. I know the purpose of the Universe is to receive all knowledge.

If there is a Grand Plan, I do not know of it. The Universe doesn’t care for me in particular, although in my case the Universe has supplied me with the basic tools to figure all this out. When I figure this out my knowledge flows back into the Universe and is available to others to do with it as they please.

I may or may not have been selected for this job, the job of knowing about the Universe. The moment I started to think and question the why’s and wherefores of the Universe is the moment I unlocked the box to allow me to know even more. Anyone can do that. I just happened to be one who can.

The Universe as I know it is comprised of energy. All of my past experiences are now in the form of energy and I can convert that energy into thoughts once again, over and over with no restriction, except one. Every time I recall a thought it comes to me already encoded by the Universe with new information.


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