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Abort! Abort!

Abort! Abort!

The tide was out; humidity settled wet and heavy over Silvio Caro. The Asp, a cigarette boat carved from a solid billet of titanium, lay in repose slightly below the level of the dock, water rising and falling much like the danger punctuating the war between the Government and the Cause.

TCO, who has imbedded in his subconscious the knowledge to move the Mind to a more hospitable universe, must leave his bucolic Bucks County, PA farm to travel to key West and Cuba in order to save the Mind, all while being pursued by government operatives, high-jacked by a nymphomaniac angel and trying not to fall for beautiful but dangerous Nikki.

TCO, Angel, and Nikki, a mis-matched trifecta who led us through a fast-paced, adventure-packed, high-tech, erotic, humorous and loving story that pits the Dark Side of humanity with the true believers in the sprituallity of the human mind.

Even now, in the volatile Cuban water’s, whining sounds emanate from the direction of the Asp. The cleats on the Asp’s deck retract, the ropes from the dock fall away, the Asp starts in a great roar, a bright flash illuminates the bay. TCO turns, startled and unaware of the fate about to befall him.

If you enjoy adventure and humor in a professionally edited book, get on board and rendezvous with destiny. The first book in the Voyage to Save the Mind series, read today! And then check out d. h. Werrett’s website for Book 2 landing dates.

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