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THE SECRET chapter six

The Secret Chapter 6

“Mr. Johnson, Samuel Bledsoe’s office called. He received a request from the movie studio representing Miss Theodora, he asked if you would handle the request.” My very efficient executive secretary caught me as I walked into my office.

“It must be important enough for a call from the President of the railroad asking me to handle it.” I thought to myself. I was a few short years before my retirement and I didn’t want a movie star to hasten my departure. I had better hop to it and get right on it.

“What is the request, Mirium?” Mirium had been the executive secretary for the last two Vice Presidents before me. If anyone knew how to juggle problems, it was Mirium. She took a moment to study the request, leaving me with the uncomfortable feeling this was a big deal especially coming from the railroad President, Samuel T. Bledsoe, who obviously didn’t want to get involved with a matter he didn’t understand.  

“Theodora would like to take two other people with her on her private cars to Los Angeles tonight.”

“That doesn’t seem like a big deal, of course she can. What is so important about it that would require Mr. Bledsoe’s blessing.”   

“Sir, the two people Theodora wants to take along are James Emmory and Miss Angel, the crew scheduled to drive the locomotive on tonight’s trip.”

“Why does Theodora want those two people along in her cars?” I said to Mirium, then it hit me.

“There is more to this Mirium, isn’t there.”

“Rumor has it that Theodora has taken a liking to James Emmory.” Mirium continued. “One more thing, Theodora is also requesting that her two cars be separated from the train at Williams Arizona and then taken to `EL Tavor`, the luxury Fred Harvey Company hotel on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. She wants a few days off from the movie hustle and bustle. All of this must be done in complete secrecy of course. Theodora has not announced her break up with Gerald Karr publicly. It would be quite a scandal if the press gets wind of another man in the picture.”

“It seems like a scandal to me; I just don’t understand the movie people I guess.” I replied in a tone of voice of reluctant acceptance. Can you get hold of the Fred Harvey representative at the station and get two Harvey Girls to serve on Theodoras’ cars. It must be someone who can keep their mouth shut about this. Also talk to the scheduling department to find an experienced crew that can run the diesel on this trip. I am going to go to the station to talk to our publicity people about the commercial.”

“I took the liberty to alert Engineer Emmory and Ms. Angel of the change in plans by courier earlier this afternoon,” Mirium said.

“Of course she did.” I thought to myself. Mirium is so efficient.

“Please keep a lid on this I don’t want it get out.”

“Don’t worry Mr. Johnson this secret is safe with me.”

Something about Mirium’s tone of voice was unsettling.

I couldn’t believe the size of the crowd at the station when I got there. Mostly women who wanted to see Theodora up

close. Theodora had captured the hearts of all the women who wanted to have the woman’s freedom she represented in her films.

A Fred Harvey representative found me and pulled me aside from the crowd. Miss Allcott introduced herself to me, she told me she had two Harvey girls ready to serve on Theodora’s car. Both young women were known for their tact and uncompromising willingness to keep a secret.    





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