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Not of This World

Many of my stories include characters who are, Not of This World. It’s fiction after all, a place where the characters do not have to conform to realistic norms.

Then again, there are characters who on the surface appear to represent a real-life man or woman, only to find out later they also must come from, Not of This World.

I have included some excerpts from my stories to make my point.


Out-of-body experiences are not new to me; Angel and I have flown together many times. In her time frame, we fly for hours; in Earth time, only minutes. Anyhow, tonight our flight begins with Angel impersonating Frank Sinatra, "Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away..."

Lifting out of the apartment, we cruised slowly over Truman Ave, then out to sea at a fast pace directly to Silvio Caro. The one-hundred-twenty miles passed in a blur as we raced through the spray of a turbulent sea. A storm was forming over the Gulf and would soon reach landfall in Cuba, still, there was plenty of time for us to have a good look around at the place where I could potentially lose my life.

My Angel Uses Lipstick.

Sometimes I worry over my Angel; she must be into some kinky stuff with the others in her life, because when we spend time together, she makes unusual `requests.`

The other afternoon I was minding my own business working at my easel, drawing, when poof, she appears. My Angel made a special request of me.

"I want to play dress up. Get some lipstick and make up and help me become earthly beautiful."

I found her request a little odd, normally Angel is so beautiful she never needs clothes or makeup - nothing can improve on her heavenly looks - her beauty is such that non-believers would turn dumb if they could cast their vision on her.

The Puzzle

“It will come to you. Don’t get discouraged.” The voice on the other end of the line stated. “It is a beautiful puzzle, two thousand pieces. It’s a work of art; Just like you. A work of art.”

At that moment I didn’t feel like a work of art, not anything close. My drinking was getting to my health. My marriage had fallen apart, I was estranged from my children. I was terribly depressed, thoughts of taking my own life accompanied me everywhere.

“But, but, all I want is a puzzle to take my mind off my life.” I stammered.

“It is designed to do just that.” The voice on the other end of the phone proclaimed. You’ll catch the hang of it.”

“There is no picture on the box. It‘s a plain grey paper box, not even instructions.” I said in an irritated voice.

“Give it a chance. Take the first step, open-the-box.” Came the reply. “I have to go now; another troubled man is on the other line.”

“Who are you?” I said sharply into the handset.

“I’m God. Gotta go.” The line went dead.


These are a few examples of how I wish to create fantasy within a story. My characters have super-human qualities, yet they are somehow believable as mortal being would be.

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