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I make my future

I Make My Future

My future doesn’t exist until I do something to move from my present energy place to some other energy place.

It is possible to just stay in the present and react to the changing world around me however, I would be moving into someone else’s energy future, not my own.

There are two parts of the future. The space of the Universe and the energy of the Universe.

If I get launched into space on a trip to a distant planet, I would not be moving into the future, I would be the same person with the same energy just taking advantage of technology to transport myself somewhere else. This is an example of the space of the future, and what most think the future is about.

My idea of my future is the energy of the Universe. If I elect to think and act the same way tomorrow as I am doing today, time will have gone by, but like the spaceman, nothing will have changed other than the place.

The spaceman is simply working a plan. If I do the same thing tomorrow, I will be working a plan, a plan of no change. If I truly want something different for tomorrow, I will have to create it by changing my energy.

Tomorrow is an empty place. It doesn’t exist until I fill it. I can fill tomorrow with today or I can fill tomorrow with something new. Even if tomorrow puts me in the same physical place, I have the power to change tomorrow by changing the energy of tomorrow by my greatest power, my thoughts.

I will have no future if I perpetuate the same thoughts. I will be stuck here, day after day not moving in any direction, frozen in the here and now. The days will pass, convincing me I have moved into the future, the truth is, I will have not gone anywhere.

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